Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'We Need All the Luck We Can Get'

I'm thinking about bad-ass American states, and Jamie Oliver's new save-a-town (in West Virginia) . And MacGyver.

Ok, I know there's a lot in America's food culture that's lacking. But, as a voracious reader of both Fannie Farmer and The Joy of Cooking when I was a girl, I know there's some serious U.S. of A. cuisine. Little House on the Prairie books, too. My favourite museum in D.C. is the National Museum of the American Indian, and I had a kick butt Lemon Guava Agua Fresca the last time.

I always think of Indian Pudding as the quintessential New England Native dish. Not lobster or blueberry pie--anyone can eat those (though, uh, everyone shouldn't be eating lobster).

But is it worth veganizing? I've only had it once, and it kind of sucked. What do you think?

(this post was brought to you by some serious Maine congressional representation today)

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