Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love Song to Lacinato Kale

or, how I almost burned down our apartment (maybe).

I was grimly julienning my local lacinato kale, dreading the two step cooking process (steaming and sauteeing) I'd have to do to make it palatable, and then how I'd have to chew it twenty bazillion times, pretending I liked it and it wasn't just to make up for no vegetables during the day. You could have knocked me over with a feather when Roommate tried a piece and said it was good. I had to try. It was delicate, mild-flavored...why I could practically eat it raw, in a salad (which it will be tomorrow, with cherry tomatoes). So clearly sauteeing was called for.

After briefly sauteeing it in olive oil, covered, until it was just a wee bit past bright green (maybe 3 minutes), I took it off the heat and prepared to devour it.

Who knew that if you covered a pan that contained oil you might consume your kitchen in flames? Roommate did.

The more you know....maybe next time I can wilt my kale in a dry pan or with a wee bit of water and then finish it off with some oil...hmmm

Lacinato Kale Forever! (aka Dinosaur kale)

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