Thursday, October 1, 2009


The facts: TP, a tantalizing taqueria, with the tastiest, most succulent burritos around, closed as of today.

The story: TP was the defacto lunch spot--a mere seven minute walk from my work, an affordable $7-$8 (sans limeade), with the best perfectly fresh, locally sourced, and impeccably grilled and spiced burrito this side of SoCal. veganized. in a town where vegan options in the bustling Worker Bee district were (until the new crepe place with vegan crepes and a tofu, peanut sauce, basil, bean sprout and mint filling to die for): veggie salad, veggie sub, salted to the point of submarine death soup (if it was the right day of the week). not even hummus--and that's a really low blow. no protein!

my order was the same even if my company wasn't. for nearly a year, i dined every week with my QC/BFF, and then a new dining partner stepped in, and that lasted for nearly six months. i've taken my mother, my brother, my roommate, my interns, and organized brunches for my crew after sampling the farmer's market next door. i was guaranteed to run into at least two people i knew every time, including my yoga teacher.

and by my order being the same i mean, usually. usually it was a half black beans, half pinto, no rice veggie burrito,veganized (which meant cilantro lime sour cream, no cheese) grilled and doused liberally with red Sauce of Doom. or, if the veg was sweet potatoes, all of the above, sans wrap and in a bowl.

and, over the past few years, as i flirted with different -vores, i tried most everything, but always kept coming back to that burrito.

i hadn't been to TP in a few months, and the memories were so good, i wasn't sure i was going to go last night. but...

last night's veggie burrito (with 1/2 summer squash and 1/2 sweet potato) was just as succulent and delectable, just as toothsome, savory, and back-of-the-book spicy, as the first.



  1. aww, don't fret! i predict more fabulous vegan food logs in your future.