Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keep On Going

Well, at least I roasted eggplant tonight. Following what I remembered of Terry and Isa's method in The Cookbook to Rule Them All (a/k/a Veganomicon), I sliced two light purple, white streaked eggplant orbs in about 1/4 inch quarters, put them on very lightly buttered aluminum foil, with a few slivers on top, and then cooked them for about 14 minutes. a nice, chewy complement to my polenta rancheros. next time i will salt & pepper it up. i remain enraptured by the creamy sweetness of the rancheros.

Waking up to mid-30s this morning and eating cold Grape Nuts with soya and a dash of golden raisins was a nonsequitur. Yes, we have entered the season of Hot Breakfast Cereals. I'm pissed off that the quinoa flakes were $5.99!!! Cream of rye is a contender at %3.99 a cannister.

very excited for a review of an indian vegan gluten-free buffet this weekend!

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  1. An Indian vegan gluten-free buffet sounds like a good time!