Thursday, October 29, 2009

Go To Foods

I've been sick the past few days and eating really really simply (see the aforementioned squash). Today, for dinner, I snacked on Yves Pepperoni, a gigantic Cortland apple, and a Super Protein Odwalla bar. I feel ridiculously lucky that Whole Foods is only three blocks away, so I picked up a bunch of kale that I didn't have the energy to chop and steam. Tomorra.

My childhood go-to food was mashed potatoes. They are so much work though! When I lived with my parents and felt crappy, I'd ask my dad to make them--which he would sometimes do. He has a variation he does with just Earth Balance, and it's phenomenal.

As far as go-to breakfast foods, I kill for cornflakes with soya and pancakes with agave and EB. Or sweet potatoes. Or sweet potatoes with some black beans or other kind of beans and ketchup. Or packaged salad mix with Annie's Goddess dressing. Or a Tibetan Tofu Wrap from WF...ohmyyes.

You know how some people's favourite food is pasta with sauce? Yeah, that's not me; I seriously dislike pasta plain. I had it in the pantry tonight, and I could've made it up really easy but I just couldn't stomach it! Same with rice usually; I'm definitely a whole grains, bread, or potato gal.

This fabulous woman knows how to do go-to-foods right, and I suggest you check out her blog now!

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